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Let It Burn & Take Some Time Away

iTunes now carries the 2004 release Take Some Time Away as well as the 2008 release Let It Burn.

04.04.2013 | Posted By: Admin

Where to buy Let It Burn

It has come to our attention that certain locations were sold out of the album Let It Burn. They have now been restocked and the cd is available at and Digital copies are available on Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and more! Thank you for your support!

04.04.2011 | Posted By: Site


Looking forward to a year of great music. See you all soon.

01.15.2011 | Posted By: -


Trolls Cottage has been in the studio recording songs. A new album will hopefully be out by the end of the year.

06.04.2010 | Posted By: --


Updated our discography page and look forward to adding more in the years to come.

04.13.2010 | Posted By: Mike

Sundance Film Festival

A quick trip to the snow filled mountains...

01.30.2010 | Posted By: Mike

Music Store

iTunes, Rhapsody and CDBaby

03.14.2009 | Posted By: Mike

New Music in 09'

I have been listening to some old Trolls cuts recently and thinking..

01.26.2009 | Posted By: cobo

Street Team

Volunteer for the Trolls Cottage Street Team

10.05.2008 | Posted By: Mike


Article in the Weekly Volcano 8/7/08

08.13.2008 | Posted By: host

Trolls Cottage Music and gear

Old Music availability, and on-line store activity..

09.28.2007 | Posted By: Cobo

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who helped us while on our last tour down the west coast. Old friends new friends.. we could not have done it without you.

09.28.2007 | Posted By: cobo


New music

07.13.2007 | Posted By: Cobo