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iTunes now carries the 2004 release Take Some Time Away as well as the 2008 release Let It Burn.

It has come to our attention that certain locations were sold out of the album Let It Burn. They have now been restocked and the cd is available at amazon.com and cdbaby.com. Digital copies are availa...

Looking forward to a year of great music. See you all soon.


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Earthfair (1999 Bootleg) All songs written by Trolls Cottage

1. We Come In Love

2. Don't Hold Your Head Down Low

3. Washing Up Smooth

4. Money

5. I'll Turn Your Head

6. Wings Of The Sunset

7. What The Law Allow

8. Clarity

9. We've Got The Rhythm

10. Time Keeps On Tickin'

11. Once Had A Young Friend

12. Summer Jam

Everyone Walks At A Different Pace (2000 Self Release) Songs written by Trolls Cottage

1. One Drums

2. Fire Is The Fleshwound

3. Trollarrival

4. Hole In The Pocket

5. Make It Through

6. Riverside

7. Different Deprivation

8. Pleasure Street Roof

9. We've Got To Make This Happen

10. Everyone Walks At A Different Pace

11. Souls So Heavy

12. Relations and Communications

Trolls Cottage (2002 Self Release) All songs written by Trolls Cottage

1. Don't Miss The Boat

2. Every Moment

3. Leprechaun

4. Gotta Have That Something

5. Soul Wander

6. Why Oh Why

7. Look Towards Someone Else

8. Doors Open Both Way

9. Wolf

10. Tangled Adjustment

11. I Still See Chain

12. Bear With Me

13. Sax Jam

14. Old Man

15. Hard To Tell The Difference

16. Spoke To The Devil

17. Proper Closure

18. Waiting

Take Some Time Away (2004 Self Release) All songs written by Trolls Cottage

1. I Don't Want To Wait

2. I've Been Away

3. Hope

4. Out Of The Rain

5. Thin Ice

6. From The Light

7. Take Some Time Away

8. What A Shame

9. Persistance

10. Believe

11. Skywalker

12. Always Much Better

Let It Burn (2007 Self Release) All songs written by Trolls Cottage

1. Let It Burn

2. There Comes A Time

3.Gotta Keep Movin'

4. The Sun Goes Down

5. Reaching Out

6. Tell Me

7. Dreaming

8. Walk On Fire

9. How Many Times Can The Truth Change Hands?

10. Try Anything

11. Satisfied

12. When The Good Takes Over