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iTunes now carries the 2004 release Take Some Time Away as well as the 2008 release Let It Burn.

It has come to our attention that certain locations were sold out of the album Let It Burn. They have now been restocked and the cd is available at amazon.com and cdbaby.com. Digital copies are availa...

Looking forward to a year of great music. See you all soon.


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Earthfair (1999 Live Self Release) All songs written by Trolls Cottage

1. We Come In Love

2. Don't Hold Your Head Down Low

3. Washing Up Smooth

4. Money

5. I'll Turn Your Head

6. Wings Of The Sunset

7. What The Law Allows

8. Clarity

9. We've Got The Rhythm

10. Time Keeps On Tickin'

11. Once Had A Young Friend

12. Summer Jam

Jacob Bain (Guitar, Vocals), Mike Marlatt (Guitar, Vocals), Ian Metler (Bass), Gabriel Blake (Percussion), Earl Clay (Drums)

On a summer Sunday in 1999, Trolls Cottage closed the Earthfair with a recorded live performance. Although a significant amount of audience noise was present, this recording remains to be a great snapshot of the early Trolls Cottage sound. Only 100 copies of the handmade album were distibuted along with the original cover artwork by Erik Reimnitz and Ian Metler. Bootleg versions of the recording spread the music from there.

The album began with We Come In Love, a song sung by both Mike Marlatt and Jacob Bain. Previous attempts to record We Come In Love were made, but to this date, they remain unreleased. A stomping version of Don't Hold Your Head Down Low came next, a favorite that TC continued to play live through 2001, and was followed by the first performance and only known recording of Washing Up Smooth. Ron Hook joined TC on stage to play flute during a stirring performance of Money and then Marlatt switched to bass, Bain to electric guitar, and Metler to acoustic to sing I'll Turn Your Head and Wings Of The Sunset.

Returning to their natural instruments, TC moved along with the song What The Law Allows, later to be known as Ships Came In From The Sea, and after playing Clarity and We've Got The Rhythm, Ron Hook rejoined the band on stage to play saxophone on a nearly seven minute version of Time Keeps On Tickin'.

Trolls Cottage wrapped up the hour long set with Once Had A Young Friend before launching into an impromto funk groove later to be titled Summer Jam. Bain freestyled lyrics over the music and Ron Hook jumped on stage with the saxophone for one last rally as the sunset over the island and the festival concluded.

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